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Cruciferous vegetable consumption and multiple health outcomes: an umbrella review of 41 systematic reviews and meta-analyses of 303 observational studies

Upping our cruciferous vegetable intake levels may help knock our chances of suffering from cancer of the lungs, stomach, and endometrium and premature death.

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Animal food intake and cooking methods in relation to endometrial cancer risk in Shanghai

Indulgence in animal foods, such meat and fish, may favor the development of endometrial cancer.

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Soya food intake and risk of endometrial cancer among Chinese women in Shanghai: population based case-control study

High consumption of soy foods may protect women against endometrial cancer.

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A case-control study in Shanghai of fruit and vegetable intake and endometrial cancer

Adequate intake of legumes, allium, and dark green/yellow vegetables may help thwart the development of endometrial cancer.

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Sucrose, high-sugar foods, and risk of endometrial cancer--a population-based cohort study.

Diets rich in foods high in sucrose and other added sugars may elevate endometrial cancer risk.

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Consumption of sugary foods and drinks and risk of endometrial cancer.

A significant increase in the risk of endometrial cancer is associated with habitual consumption of sugar-sweetened foods and drinks.

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Sugar-sweetened beverage intake and the risk of type I and type II endometrial cancer among postmenopausal women.

High intake of sugar-sweetened beverages may facilitate the development of type 1 endometrial cancer in postmenopausal women.

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Proanthocyanidins and other flavonoids in relation to endometrial cancer risk: a case–control study in Italy.

Habitual consumption of foods rich in proanthocyanidins, flavanones, and isoflavones can help knock down the risk of endometrial cancer.

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Higher intakes of vegetables and vegetable-related nutrients are associated with lower endometrial cancer risks.

Compliance with a high vegetable diet may reduce a woman's predisposition to endometrial cancer.

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Whole grain intake and incident endometrial cancer: the Iowa Women's Health Study.

Ingesting large servings of whole grains may help fend off endometrial cancer in women who have never been on hormone replacement therapy.

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Association between dietary fiber and endometrial cancer: a dose-response meta-analysis.

Following a high-fiber diet may brighten a woman's chances of avoiding endometrial cancer.

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Fiber intake and endometrial cancer risk.

​Generous consumption of foods containing fiber, particularly lignin, may reduce a woman's susceptibility to endometrial cancer.

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