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I am trying to lose weight to reduce inflammation. Wondering what would make a healthy salad dressing. ...
Cholesterol and Genes
I have some friends that have high cholesterol. They tell me, "It runs in my family." I know that could be possible, but I also know they are eating a high fat diet. Can you sugges...

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​Consuming generous servings of apple daily may improve an individual's chances of preventing colorectal cancer

​Erectile dysfunction may occur with greater incidence in smokers than in never smokers.

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Marky Yvanovich posted a comment in Low-Carb Theory Regarding Meat/Insulin is Flawed
I prefer this unbiased account:
I believe your article misrepresents how Atkins's died. Please see:
Sean Carney posted a comment in Animal Protein "Turns On" Cancer Genes
One great book to read looking for scientific studies related to cancer and animal proteins turning ...