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Kidney Disease
I have a dear friend suffering with polycystic kidney disease. Very poor as well. She is on dialysis 3X a week. I know that a plant based diet can improve kidney function in genera...
I keep getting stretch marks, is there a way to stop it?
I'm in my twenties, male and have been the same weight so it can't be anything to do with any of that, so could they be any reason why I still keep getting stretch marks?...

Health Science Research Summaries

​A significant elevation in ovarian cancer risk is associated with regular consumption of fatty foods.

​Men who are generous consumers of margarine may have a high propensity to develop coronary heart disease.

​Consuming generous portions of ultra-processed foods may accelerate the onset of hypertension.

​Habitual consumption of fiber-rich foods, such fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, may lessen the risk of developing cardiovascular disease in women.

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Joan M Tuttle Vargas posted a comment in "Die Sooner with Good Looking Numbers"
Dr. Carney, How do you feel about treating high cholesterol by supplementing a largely WFPB diet wit...
Wayne Martin posted a comment in Diet Linked to Heart Disease Reduction During War
Link to graph shows that the axis on the left is deaths per 10,000. So the drop is from 30 per 10,00...
Linda Carney MD posted a comment in Which is Better, Raw or Cooked Broccoli?
Steamed is better for overall digestion and absorption of nutrients.