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May I post some of my vegan cooking recipe videos on
Sean, Right after I wrote my previous reply, I shared the link on my Happy Vegan Couple Facebook page, Vegan Tucson and my own Timeline. I told all to check out Dr. Linda Carney! H...
I have been having food reactions to several foods--causing reactions on my face (cheeks, bridge of nose). I am following the Starch Smartest diet. But recently, I was reading abou...

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​Increased intake of dietary flavonoids from fruits and vegetables may help halt the onset of colorectal cancer.

​Low total and cardiovascular mortality risk is associated with high intake of dietary flavonoids, particularly flavonones and flavonols.

​Consistent consumption of foods packed with dietary flavonoids and lignans may improve an individual's chances of avoiding colorectal cancer.

​​A significant elevation in Parkinson's disease risk is associated with the use of statin drugs.

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Ken Thomas posted a comment in Century Challenge
Thanks, Sean! Yep, I guess on my 100th birthday, I will have to submit another challenge! See you th...
Sean Carney posted a comment in Phytic Acid in Grains? No Problem!
@Ben, I am hoping you will see that @drcarney and @jojo have replied to your inquiry. I would like ...
Linda Carney MD posted a comment in Phytic Acid in Grains? No Problem!
Ben, Thank you for writing to me about daughter's teeth and whether phytates could be causing the en...