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Fat Deficient?
In recent conversations regarding dietary fat and the pursuit of "good fats", I often mention that it is virtually impossible to be fat deficient - regardless how fat-free one trie...
Starches converting to sugar--good/bad for cancer diet?
Hello--Thank you so much for this site.  (I came here again to ask a specific question, but have found a LOT of other useful info as I normally do!)    My question:  My dear friend...

Health Science Research Summaries

​Unhealthy lifestyle and dietary habits, such as cigarette smoking, alcohol intake, physical inactivity, and consumption of diets high in red and processed meats and low in fruits, vegetables, fiber, and calcium, may increase an individual's risk of developing cancer.

​Alcohol consumers are highly vulnerable to oral, pharyngeal, laryngeal, esophageal (squamous cell carcinoma), liver, breast, and colorectal cancers.

​Adoption of healthy lifestyle habits, such as consuming of diets low in meat and high in fiber, exercising regularly, maintenance of healthy weight, and avoidance of cigarette smoking, may help protect individuals from diverticulitis.

​Children and adolescents on low-fat diets are less prone to develop cardiovascular disease.

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And, feel free to share any other studies that you run across. :-)
Great! Thank you Deborah and Dr. Carney, I will share these references with my colleagues and famil...