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Fat Deficient?
In recent conversations regarding dietary fat and the pursuit of "good fats", I often mention that it is virtually impossible to be fat deficient - regardless how fat-free one trie...
Starches converting to sugar--good/bad for cancer diet?
Hello--Thank you so much for this site.  (I came here again to ask a specific question, but have found a LOT of other useful info as I normally do!)    My question:  My dear friend...

Health Science Research Summaries

Frequent consumers of vegetables may be less prone to suffer from dementia and age-associated cognitive impairment.

Adequate intake of foods packed with soluble fiber, such as vegetables, legumes, and psyllium, may help lower blood levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol and guard against the development of coronary heart disease.

A decline in cognitive impairment and dementia risk is associated with frequent consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Generous intake of milk and other dairy products may increase the incidence of prostate cancer among men in Western countries.

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Denise Rose posted a comment in Part V: Do Plant-Based Diets Need Supplementing?
Deborah, It was interesting to see Jeff's discussion and analysis of 3 types of commonly sourced fo...
Denise Rose posted a comment in Unscrambling the Truth About Eggs
Dario, Following up on Deborah's comment: How fortunate you are that you found this article on Dr....
Deborah posted a comment in Unscrambling the Truth About Eggs
Dario, please do stop eating animal products. Eating a whole foods vegan diet of fruits, vegetables...