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Do I need to supplement vitamin B12?

It is recommended that most adults take a 500 mcg sublingual daily, or take 1,000 mcg swallowed, to ensure that they don't develop a vitamin B12 deficiency. Nutritional yeast and enriched non-dairy milks do have B12, but the amount may not be sufficient for those with absorption issues, or for those over age 50, or...

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Are sprouts healthy? How do you grow sprouts?

Yes, sprouts can be very healthy to eat.  In fact, a Russian scientist group recently published a database of the antioxidant content in over 1000 foods, including sprouted seeds grains, and legumes. Dr. Michael Greger's video (below) shows us how the nutrient content changed dramatically after these foods were sprouted. One grain in particular increased...

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Is it true that eating carbohydrates will make me gain weight?

Whole plant foods, which are rich in both complex and simple carbohydrates, do not promote weight gain and are an essential component of a Starch-Smart® diet. Whole plant foods are low in calories and nutrient-rich. The weight and volume satisfies our appetites, prevents cravings, & sustains human life. Carbohydrates (starches such as rice, corn, potatoes,...

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