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Don't men have to eat meat to maintain strength and masculinity?

For most men, consuming meat (protein) is associated with "muscle, vitality, strength, power, energy, vigor, aggressiveness, and liveliness." This image comes from clever marketing tactics, promoting the sale of meat as superior protein that sustains masculinity. The truth is, a Starch-Smart® diet provides sufficient nutrients for men of all ages to thrive and build muscle....

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Can a Starch-Smart® diet improve male fertility?

Many couples who have been infertile have been able to conceive a baby after switching to a whole-food, nutrient-dense, plant-based diet. In a recent Harvard Study, increasing the intake of saturated fat by just 5 percent was observed with a 38 percent lower sperm count. Infertility rates are also higher in couples that eat meat...

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Can a Starch-Smart® diet help reduce the risk of prostate cancer?

Studies show that dietary factors play a major role in prostate cancer progression and mortality. Prostate cancer is a hormone sensitive cancer and is strongly associated with diets rich in dairy products, meats, and refined vegetable oils. Men who consume a high-fat, low-fiber, animal-based diet have higher testosterone levels and higher rates of cancer than...

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