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From Survive to Thrive: Patty's Cancer Journey

Patty Before and After
I followed Dr. Carney's blogs online for a long time before making my first appointment. Three years earlier I had become plant based due to a breast cancer diagnosis. That was an adjustment. I finally started to get into a groove with support groups and books I was reading but found myself disillusioned in a system that I did not want to be p...
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Sean Carney
We are so proud of Patty and count it a privilege to be a part of her health care solution. Patty has been a blessing to many peop... Read More
Sunday, June 11 2017 16:42
Linda Carney MD
Thank you Patty, for sharing your inspiring story. Your fearless advocacy for WFPBNO (whole foods plant-based no oil) eating will... Read More
Monday, June 12 2017 05:23
Ken Thomas
Patty!! Thank you for this awesome post!! Little did you know, during your deepest lowest times, that you were, in fact, on the pa... Read More
Monday, June 12 2017 10:07

Sandra Never Expected to Become so Slender!

My first medical appointment with Dr. Carney was on June 6th, 2016 but I had previous encounters with Dr. Carney through the ATX Alive PlantPure Potlucks starting many months prior to that. I had also met Dr. Carney earlier as she presented at some of the monthly ATX Alive potlucks in Austin which were organized by my sister Patty. In fact I attend...
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Ken Thomas
Sandra, I know what you mean about having to be patient with the people who are slow to believe. I have been mystified by this for... Read More
Tuesday, June 13 2017 09:59

Kim Has a Checklist of Conditions Reversed!

Kim Has a Checklist of Conditions Reversed!
About five years ago and after suffering from thyroid problems for two years prior, I mentioned to my husband I wanted to change my doctor to a woman. I finally had a medication that required I see a doctor on a regular basis and men doctors were OK, but I wanted one actually more familiar...
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Mike Tops Out at 571 lbs Before Changes

Mike Tops Out at 571 lbs Before Changes
Around Spring Break of 2012, I was invited by some friends of mine to go to an Engine 2 Potluck. I hadn't realized how much weight I had gained, and when my I started to try on some clothes, I realized I was unable to fit into my 5X jersey from my friend who plays...
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