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Half Hour Food Coaching

Half Hour Food Coaching

Telephone Consultation: Dr. Carney Provides Thirty Minute Custom Starch-Smart® System, Dietary Care Extraordinaire Food Coaching Sessions available for purchase from the Vegvor.com online storefront. These Food Coaching sessions are not medical appointments and are not intended to replace your own physician. No tests will be ordered and no prescriptions will be provided during these Coaching Sessions.

In order to take advantage of this offer you must purchase the Food Coaching service from our Online Shopping Cart at Veggievore.com. You will be required to accept the Terms of Service before proceeding to the checkout on that site. We are not able to open a direct link to the shopping cart from this web site because of the requirement to Agree to the Terms of Service on that page. 

The Food Coaching Terms of Service are as follows:

  1. I understand that I will not be receiving medical advice.
  2. I acknowledge that I am not establishing a patient-to-physician relationship with Linda Carney MD.
  3. I understand that my questions and answers to Linda Carney MD will be answered in terms of the use of food and lifestyle choices to enhance health but not to treat nor cure disease.
  4. I understand that no guarantees are stated nor implied.
  5. I promise that I or the child (or the person for whom I am seeking advice) will maintain my (his/her) current relationship to my (his/her) primary physician and specialists, or will seek such a relationship near me (him/her) if none currently exists.
  6. I acknowledge that no tests will be ordered, nor will any medications be prescribed by Dr. Carney for me, although she may advise me to ask my personal MD for advice regarding what tests and medications may benefit me.
  7. I agree to pre-register at www.AllMedPhysicians.com by clicking on the "Portal" menu item and selecting "New Patient Registration" to enable secure encrypted email communication without violating my privacy according the federal HIPAA privacy laws.
  8. I acknowledge that some time after I pay for the initial consult, and pre-register on the Portal, a password will be generated and emailed to me.
  9. I understand that I will not receive a telephone call to schedule the telephone Food Coaching Consultation until after payment has been received and the Portal pre-registration has been completed.
  10. I acknowledgement that Facebook and regular email are unsecured forms of communication that may compromise my privacy and as such I will have all online communications be done through the AllMedPhysicians, pLLC Portal.
  11. In the event that I send and/or request to receive unsecured emails to and/or from Dr. Carney or any staffer of AllMedPhysicians, pLLC, I do so voluntarily and at my own risk.
  12. I understand that Linda Carney MD will not call me to initiate this food/lifestyle coaching phone consult until a mutually convenient time for our phone consult has been agreed upon.
  13. I accept the Food Coaching Terms as set forth herein by clicking in the "I Accept" checkbox below.

You will need to check the box at Vegvor.com that you have Read And Agree to the Food Coaching Terms before you will be able to add the Food Coaching service to your shopping cart.

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One Hour Food Coaching

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