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The Impact of Dietary Fat on Breast Cancer Incidence and Survival: A Systematic Review

Adherence to a high fat diet may worsen breast cancer development and mortality risk in women.

This study investigated how dietary choices influence breast cancer incidence and survival rate in women. Researchers performed a meticulous meta-analysis on data and evidence drawn out from 22 scientific publications. 

Researchers observed that more women on high fat diet were diagnosed with and died from breast cancer than their counterparts who refrained from consuming fatty foods. This study highlighted the detrimental effects of fatty foods on breast cancer development and outcome.

Research Summary Information

  • 2022
  • Ankit Gopinath, Ameer Haider Cheema, Keyur Chaludiya, Maham Khalid, Marcellina Nwosu, Walter Y Agyeman, Aakash Bisht , Sathish Venugopal
  • Internal Medicine, California Institute of Behavioral Neurosciences & Psychology, Fairfield, USA. Neurology, California Institute of Behavioral Neurosciences & Psychology, Fairfield, USA.
  • Yes, Free full text of study was found:
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