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Ultra-processed foods and mortality: analysis from the Prospective Urban and Rural Epidemiology study

The odds of suffering from premature death may be stacked against lovers of ultra-processed foods.

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Ultra-processed foods and mortality: analysis from the Prospective Urban and Rural Epidemiology study

The odds of dying prematurely from cardiovascular ailments and other chronic diseases may be stacked against generous consumers of ultra-processed foods.

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Cruciferous vegetable intake and mortality in middle-aged adults: A prospective cohort study

Habitual intake of cruciferous vegetables may increase the lifespan of middle-aged and older adults.

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Fiber From Whole Grains, but Not Refined Grains, Is Inversely Associated With All-Cause Mortality in Older Women: The Iowa Women's Health Study

Older women who eat a lot of whole grains regularly may have low probability of dying prematurely.

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Mortality outcomes associated with intake of fast-food items and sugar-sweetened drinks among older adults in the Vitamins and Lifestyle (VITAL) study.

High dietary ingestion of fast foods and sugar-sweetened beverages may elevate mortality risk in older adults.

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Post-diagnosis alcohol intake and prostate cancer survival: A population-based cohort study.

Alcohol drinking may elevate prostate cancer mortality risk.

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Alcohol use disorders and mortality: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Individuals with alcohol use disorder may have a high propensity to suffer from premature deaths.

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Vegetarian dietary patterns and mortality in Adventist Health Study 2.

​Vegetarians may have a lower tendency of dying from chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular and kidney ailments, than non-vegetarians.

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Fried potato consumption is associated with elevated mortality: an 8-y longitudinal cohort study.

​A significant increase in mortality risk is associated with generous consumption of fried potatoes.

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Red Meat Increases Mortality Risk

Dead Body at the Morgue

Probably you already know that dietary habits, such as habitual intake of red meat, can increase your risk of dying prematurely from cancer and cardiovascular disease. This is the finding of a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. This study conducted by a team of experts from Harvard School of Public Health tracked the me...

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Milk May Raise Mortality Risk

Risks Ahead Sign

An increase in mortality risk is associated with frequent consumption of milk, according to a 2014 study published in the British Medical Journal. A team of Swedish researchers analyzed the diets of more than 100,000 men and women recruited from 3 counties in Central Sweden and estimated the mortality hazard ratios of all the subjects that particip...

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Fiber intake and all-cause mortality in the Prevención con Dieta Mediterránea (PREDIMED) Study.

Low total mortality risk is associated with increased consumption of high-fiber diets rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

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