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Intake of Common Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages and Breast Cancer Risk among Japanese Women: Findings from the Japan Collaborative Cohort Study

Alcohol ingestion irrespective of the quantity may result in a spike in breast cancer odds in women.

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Alcohol drinking, consumption patterns and breast cancer among Danish nurses: a cohort study

Habitual drinking of alcohol may favor the development of breast cancer.

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Alcohol consumption. A leading risk factor for cancer

Fondness for alcohol may result in a surge in cancer development and mortality risk in men and women.

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Alcohol and breast cancer in the Swiss Canton of Vaud

Indulging in alcohol may give rise to breast cancer in women.

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Increased alcohol-related oesophageal cancer mortality rates in Japanese men

Regular drinking of alcohol may tilt the odds of dying from esophageal cancer against men.

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Association Between Daily Alcohol Intake and Risk of All-Cause Mortality: A Systematic Review and Meta-analyses

Daily intake of low and moderate amounts of alcohol may have no positive impact on an individual's chances of suffering from deaths resulting from any cause.

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Is heavy alcohol consumption an attributable risk factor for cancer-related deaths among Japanese men?

Fondness for alcohol may up death toll from cirrhosis, liver, esophageal, and head and neck cancer in men.

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Alcohol consumption as a major risk factor for the rise in liver cancer mortality rates in Japanese men

Alcohol use may heighten a man's chances of dying from liver cancer.

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Alcohol consumption and digestive cancer mortality in Koreans: the Kangwha Cohort Study

High ingestion of alcohol may raise death toll from digestive tract cancer in men.

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Alcohol consumption and breast cancer risk in Japan: A pooled analysis of eight population-based cohort studies

Habitual and heavy consumers of alcohol may have a high disposition to breast cancer.

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Alcohol consumption and suicide mortality among Japanese men: the Ohsaki Study

Habitual drinking of alcohol may increase the incidence of suicide among men.

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Alcohol use and death by suicide: A meta-analysis of 33 studies

Alcohol intake may be a contributing factor to the dramatic rise in the number of deaths by suicide.

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