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A multi-center randomized controlled trial of a nutrition intervention program in a multi-ethnic adult population in the corporate setting reduces depression and anxiety and improves quality of life: the GEICO Study.

Vegetarian diets may improve emotional health and boost productivity in multi-center corporate environment.

This study investigated the effect of plant-based diets on productivity and emotional well-being. Researchers fed 292 employees of a major US insurance company diagnosed with type 2 diabetes with vegetarian diets or self-selected meals for 18 weeks. The depression, anxiety, and work productivity were assessed in all the subjects using short-form 36 and work productivity and activity impairment questionnaires respectively.

Researchers found out that the vegetarian group reported less anxiety and depression and improved productivity and general health compared to the other group. The results of this study show that plant-based nutrition enhances productivity, physical, and emotional well-being in multi-center, corporate setting.

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