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A prospective study of diet and the risk of symptomatic diverticular disease in men.

​Symptomatic diverticular disease is less likely to occur in individuals adhering to a diet high in fiber and low in red meat and fats.

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Proportion and number of cancer cases and deaths attributable to potentially modifiable risk factors in the United States.

​Unhealthy lifestyle and dietary habits, such as cigarette smoking, alcohol intake, physical inactivity, and consumption of diets high in red and processed meats and low in fruits, vegetables, fiber, and calcium, may increase an individual's risk of developing cancer.

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A prospective study of whole grains, fruits, vegetables and colon cancer risk.

Regular consumption of diets low in fiber-rich plant foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains may increase colon cancer risk.

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Fiber and saturated fat are associated with sleep arousals and slow sleep wave.

Low fiber high saturated fat and sugar diets are associated with lighter, less restorative, and more disruptive nighttime sleep.

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