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Maternal sugar consumption and risk of preeclampsia in nulliparous Norwegian women.

Indulgence in foods with high content of added sugars, such as sugar-sweetened beverages, may heighten the risk of preeclampsia in pregnant women.

​This study assessed how the intake of sugary foods affects a pregnant woman;s risk of developing preeclampsia. With the aid of validated food frequency questionnaires, researchers evaluated the dietary choices of more than 32,000 pregnant Norwegian women who had never given birth to a child previously. The relative risk of preeclampsia in each of the participant was also determined. 

Researchers noticed that women with high intake of added sugars, particularly from carbonated and non-carbonated sugar-sweetened beverages, faced increased risk of having preeclampsia. On the other hand, a decline in the risk of preeclampsia was found in habitual consumers of foods rich in natural sugars, such as fresh and dried fruits. This study concluded that pregnant women who want to improve their chances of avoiding preeclampsia should add more fruits to their diet.

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