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Vegetable and Fruit Intake, Its Patterns, and Cognitive Function: Cross-Sectional Findings among Older Adults in Anhui, China

Greater intake of fruits and vegetables may have a beneficial impact on cognitive function in older men and women.

This research work investigated whether habitual ingestion of fruits and vegetables is tied to improved cognitive function in older adults. The 5,410 Chinese men and women who volunteered for this study completed daily dietary questionnaires and underwent mini-mental state examination regularly to assess their cognitive function.

Researchers found a favorable relationship between high fruit and vegetable consumption and reduced incidence of cognitive decline. "Healthy eating habits, including daily vegetable and fruit intake, are essential for cognition maintenance in both males and females," the researchers concluded.

Research Summary Information

  • 2022
  • H Fangfang, W Qiong, Z Shuai, H Xiao, Z Jingya, S Guodong, Z Yan
  • Prof. Shen Guodong, Department of Geriatrics, The First Affiliated Hospital of USTC, Division of Life Sciences and Medicine, University of Science and Technology of China, 17-Lujiang Road, Hefei, Anhui 230001, P.R. China (E-mail: gdshen@ustc.edu.cn, Tel.: 86-551-62282371); Assoc. Prof. Zhang Yan, School of Health Service Management, Anhui Medical University, 81-Meishan Road, Hefei, Anhui 230032, P.R. China (E-mail: zhangymail@ahmu.edu.cn, Tel.: 86-551-65161220).
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