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Increased fruit intake is associated with reduced risk of depression: evidence from cross-sectional and Mendelian randomization analyses

Adequate intake of fruits may help improve psychological health and guard against the onset of depression.

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Assessing the effects of vegetable consumption on the psychological health of healthy adults: a systematic review of prospective research

Consistent consumption of vegetables may help boost the psychological wellbeing of an individual.

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The Association between Sugar-Sweetened Beverages and Male Pattern Hair Loss in Young Men

The odds of developing male pattern baldness may be stacked against young men with high intake of sugary beverages.

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Artificially sweetened beverages and urinary incontinence-a secondary analysis of the Women's Health Initiative Observational Study

Urinary incontinence tends to occur at a higher frequency among women who enjoy consuming artificially sweetened beverages.

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Smoking and the risk of peptic ulcer disease among women in the United States

Cigarette smoking may lead to the development of peptic ulcer disease in women.

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Prospective Cohort Study of Caffeinated Beverage Intake as a Potential Trigger of Headaches among Migraineurs

Frequent drinking of caffeinated beverages may facilitate the onset of migraine headaches.

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Association of drinking water and migraine headache severity

Drinking water generously on a daily basis can reduce the frequency and severity of symptoms of migraine headache.

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Dietary meat fats and burden of cardiovascular disease risk factors in the elderly: a report from the MEDIS Study.

High intake of diets rich in meat fats may increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease in elderly people.

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Cardiometabolic risk factors in Vegans: a meta-analysis of observational studies.

Strict adherence to plant-based diets may have favorable effects on cardiovascular and metabolic health.

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Fish odour syndrome.

Consuming large quantities of choline-rich foods may exacerbate fish odour syndrome.

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Meat consumption and colorectal cancer risk: an evaluation based on a systematic review based on epidemiologic evidence among the Japanese population.

A greater colorectal cancer risk is associated with diets rich in red and processed meats.

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Dietary fiber and stroke risk: a meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies.

Decreased risk of stroke is associated with increased consumption of diets high in dietary fiber.

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