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Association of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages and Cardiovascular Diseases Mortality in a Large Young Cohort of Nearly 300,000 Adults (Age 20-39)

Preference for sugar-sweetened beverages may increase death rates from cardiovascular disease in young men and women.

This study focused on the relationship between long-term consumption of sugared beverages and a young adult's risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. Researchers matched sugary beverage intake levels with mortality records from nearly 300,000 men and women aged 20-39 years. 

Researchers noted that cardiovascular mortality risk rose by 50% among participants who reported consuming 2 or more servings of sugar-sweetened beverage per day. The results of this study support the formulation of public policy aimed at discouraging the ingestion of sugary beverages in order to reduce death toll from cardiovascular disease in younger adults.

Research Summary Information

  • 2022
  • Chien-Hua Chen, Min-Kuang Tsai, June-Han Lee, Christopher Wen, Chi-Pang Wen
  • Digestive Disease Center, Changbing Show-Chwan Memorial Hospital, Lukang 50544, Taiwan. Department of Food Science and Technology, Hungkuang University, Taichung 43302, Taiwan. Department of Post-Baccalaureate Medicine, College of Medicine, National Chung Hsing University, Taichung 402202, Taiwan. Institute of Population Health Sciences, National Health Research Institutes, Zhunan 35053, Taiwan. Long Beach VAMC Hospital, University of Irvine Medical Center, Irvine, CA 90822, USA. Graduate Institute of Clinical Medical Science, China Medical University, Taichung 40402, Taiwan.
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