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Cereal, Fruit and Vegetable Fibre Intake and the Risk of the Metabolic Syndrome: A Prospective Study in the Tehran Lipid and Glucose Study

High dietary ingestion of fiber from fruits may confer an individual with significant protection against metabolic syndrome.

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Vegetable, fruit, and cereal intake and risk of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in Japan.

Generous consumption of fruit fiber may reduce the likelihood of acquiring idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

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Exploration of the association between dietary fiber intake and depressive symptoms in adults.

​Adopting a high-fiber diet may stack the odds of avoiding depression in favor of individuals.

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Fibre intake and laryngeal cancer risk.

​A high-fiber diet may help prevent the formation, growth, and spread of cancerous cells and tumors in the larynx.

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Fiber intake and pancreatic cancer risk: a case-control study.

​Habitual consumption of high-fiber diets may slash the risk developing pancreatic cancer.

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Dietary fiber intake is inversely associated with stroke incidence in healthy Swedish adults.

​A decline in stroke risk is associated with increased intake of diets rich in fiber, especially fruit and vegetable fiber, in healthy adults.

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Source of dietary fiber and diverticular disease incidence: a prospective study of UK women.

​Adequate intake of fiber-rich foods, especially fruits and cereals, may help guard against the development of diverticular disease in women.

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Higher intake of fruits, vegetables or their fiber reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes: A meta-analysis.

​Low type 2 diabetes risk is associated with increased consumption of fruits and vegetables, particularly blueberries, cruciferous vegetables, yellow vegetables, green leafy vegetables, and their fiber.

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