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nested case-control study on dietary fat consumption and the risk for gallstone disease

Preference for fatty foods may promote the development of gallstone disease.

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Dietary fiber intake and risk of gallstone: a case-control study

Individuals on high fiber diet are less prone to come down with gallstone disease.

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Fruits and vegetables consumption and the risk of gallstone diasease: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Avid consumption of fruits and vegetables is tied to lower risk of developing gallstone disease.

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Vegetable protein intake is associated with lower gallbladder disease risk: Findings from the Women's Health Initiative prospective cohort.

Consistent consumption of protein from vegetables may reduce the likelihood of gallstones in women.

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Effect of vegetarianism on development of gall stones in women.

The chance of avoiding gallstones is higher in women who are vegetarians compared to non-vegetarians.

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