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Association of plant-based diet and type 2 diabetes mellitus in Chinese rural adults: The Henan Rural Cohort Study

Sticking to a plant-based diet may be beneficial for the prevention of type 2 diabetes.

This study focused on the connection between adherence to a plant-based diet and decreased risk of type 2 diabetes. Up to 37,985 Chinese men and women volunteered for this study and provided information about their eating habits and diabetic status.

Researchers found out consumers of plant foods had brighter chances of staying free from type 2 diabetes than their counterparts who refrained from these foods. This study lend further support to the notion that following a diet that favors the intake of plant foods may help curb the onset of type 2 diabetes.

Research Summary Information

  • 2021
  • Xiu Yang, Yuqian Li, Chongjian Wang, Zhenxing Mao, Yu Chen, Pengfei Ren, Mengying Fan, Songyang Cui, Kailin Niu, Ruohua Gu, Linlin Li
  • Department of Epidemiology and Health Statistics, College of Public Health, Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou, China. Department of Clinical Pharmacology, School of Pharmaceutical Science, Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou, China. Elderly TB Division, Sixth People's Hospital of Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou, China.
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