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Association of Whole Grain Consumption and Cognitive Decline: An Investigation From a Community-Based Biracial Cohort of Older Adults

Upping the intake levels of whole grains may help reduce the rate of cognitive decline in older adults.

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Dietary fiber intake and cognitive impairment in older patients with chronic kidney disease in the United States: A cross-sectional study

Strict adherence to a high fiber diet may help curtail the onset of cognitive decline in older adults with chronic kidney disease (CKD).

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Early life physical activity and cognition at old age

Adopting a physically active lifestyle as an adolescent and young adult can slow down cognitive impairment in the elderly, especially in men.

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High fruit and vegetable intake is positively correlated with antioxidant status and cognitive performance in healthy subjects

Hopping on the plant-based diet train may help stave off cognitive decline in older adults.

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Increased Intake of Vegetables and Fruits Improves Cognitive Function among Chinese Oldest Old: 10-Year Follow-Up Study

Upping the consumption of fruits and vegetables may help fight off cognitive decline in older adults.

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Higher fruit and vegetable variety associated with lower risk of cognitive impairment in Chinese community-dwelling older men: a 4-year cohort study

Strict adherence to a high fruit and vegetable diet may help hinder the development of cognitive impairment in older men.

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Soy food and isoflavone intake reduces the risk of cognitive impairment in elderly Japanese women

Habitual intake of soy foods may help fend off cognitive impairment in elderly women.

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Association Between Lifetime Marijuana Use and Cognitive Function in Middle Age: CARDIA Study

Regular use of marijuana during adolescence and young adulthood may lead to a decline in cognitive function in midlife.

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Fruit and vegetable intake and cognitive impairment: a systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies.

​Generous consumption of fruits and vegetables may help halt the onset and progression of cognitive decline.

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Improve Brain Function by Eating Plants

Brains Function Best on Plant Foods

Eating fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables can dramatically improve brain function and reduce the risk of suffering from dementia. These were the findings of a 2017 study published in the journal of Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience. A team of Chinese researchers studied the dietary data of 31,004 subjects and compared the cognitive...

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Fruit, vegetables and prevention of cognitive decline or dementia: a systematic review of cohort studies.

Frequent consumers of vegetables may be less prone to suffer from dementia and age-associated cognitive impairment.

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Increased Consumption of Fruit and Vegetables Is Related to a Reduced Risk of Cognitive Impairment and Dementia: Meta-Analysis

A decline in cognitive impairment and dementia risk is associated with frequent consumption of fruits and vegetables.

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