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Fermented and non-fermented soy food consumption and gastric cancer in Japanese and Korean populations: a meta-analysis of observational studies.

Frequent consumption of fermented soy foods may increase an individual’s chances of developing stomach cancer.

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Focused review: agmatine in fermented foods.

High intakes of fermented foods and alcoholic beverages may increase susceptibility to agmatine-induced toxicity.

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Soy isoflavone intake and stomach cancer risk in Japan: from the Takayama Study.

High consumption of non-fermented soy foods and isoflavone may decrease stomach cancer risk.

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Lacto-Fermented Foods Linked to Esophageal Cancer

Lacto-Fermented Foods Linked to Esophageal Cancer

Did our ancestors have wisdom that we can recover to help us with our modern health problems? Both the Weston A. Price Foundation and the promoters of Paleolithic diets claim this is the case. They suggest that the deficit of lacto-fermented foods in the modern Western diet deprives us of beneficial gut bacteria thus making...

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Pickled vegetables and the risk of oesophageal cancer: a meta-analysis.

High intake of pickled vegetables may be strongly associated with the development of oesophageal cancer.

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