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Fermented and non-fermented soy food consumption and gastric cancer in Japanese and Korean populations: a meta-analysis of observational studies.

Frequent consumption of fermented soy foods may increase an individual’s chances of developing stomach cancer.

This study examined the relationship between the consumption of fermented and non-fermented soy foods and gastric (stomach) cancer development risk in Japanese and Korean populations. Researchers conducted a thorough meta-analysis on data extracted from 37 published studies.

Researchers observed a low prevalence of gastric cancer in subjects with high intake of non-fermented soy foods. On the other hand, increased consumption of fermented soy foods was found to elevate stomach cancer risk in this study. The results of this meta-analysis show that individuals who regularly eat large servings of non-fermented soy foods are less likely to develop stomach cancer than those on diets high in fermented soy foods.

Research Summary Information

  • 2011
  • Kim J, Kang M, Lee JS, Inoue M, Sasazuki S, Tsugane S.
  • Cancer Epidemiology Branch, Research Institute, National Cancer Center, Goyang, Korea. jskim@ncc.re.kr
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