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Intake of Dietary Fiber, Fruits, and Vegetables and Risk of Diverticulitis

Avid consumption of fiber-containing foods, such as fruits and whole grains may help fend off diverticulitis in women.

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Tobacco smoking and the risk of diverticular disease - a systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective studies.

​A surge in the risk of diverticular disease together with its complications is associated with cigarette smoking.

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Adherence to a Healthy Lifestyle is Associated With a Lower Risk of Diverticulitis among Men.

​Adoption of healthy lifestyle habits, such as consuming of diets low in meat and high in fiber, exercising regularly, maintenance of healthy weight, and avoidance of cigarette smoking, may help protect individuals from diverticulitis.

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Chew Chew Training for Improved Digestion

Chew Chew Training for Improved Digestion

There's an ancient story of a military commander who came down with the deadly disease leprosy. Hearing that there was a healer in a neighboring country, he set off with a contingent of soldiers. Finding the healer in a small, unassuming house, the commander made his request. "Go wash seven times in our river, and...

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