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Alcohol consumption and suicide mortality among Japanese men: the Ohsaki Study

Habitual drinking of alcohol may increase the incidence of suicide among men.

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Alcohol use and death by suicide: A meta-analysis of 33 studies

Alcohol intake may be a contributing factor to the dramatic rise in the number of deaths by suicide.

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A literature review and meta-analyses of cannabis use and suicidality

Long term users of cannabis may have a high tendency to conceive, plan, and take their own lives.

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Cannabis and Mortality Among Young Men: A Longitudinal Study of Swedish Conscripts

Regular use of cannabis may raise a man's risk of dying prematurely.

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Fast Food Consumption and Suicide Attempts Among Adolescents Aged 12-15 Years From 32 Countries

The odds of attempting suicide may be high among adolescents who enjoyed consuming fast foods.

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The Association Between Alcohol Misuse and Suicidal Behaviour

Habitual drinking of alcohol may precipitate suicidal tendencies in an individual.

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Alcohol Consumption and Suicide

Alcohol consumers may have a high tendency to commit suicide.

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Soft drink consumption and mental health problems among adults in Australia.

High intake of soft drinks may tilt the odds of suffering from mental health problems against an individual.

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Cigarette smoking and risk of completed suicide: a meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies.

Cigarette smokers may have a high tendency of committing suicide.

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Usual alcohol consumption and suicide mortality among the Korean elderly in rural communities: Kangwha Cohort Study.

Alcohol lovers may have a greater tendency to commit suicide than non-drinkers.

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