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Association between Plant-based Diet and Risk of Chronic Diseases and All-Cause Mortality in Centenarians in China: A Cohort Study

Strict adherence to a healthy plant-based diet may help to not only offer significant protection against chronic diseases but also add a few more years to the lifespan of older adults.

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Consumption of Ultra-Processed Foods and Mortality: A National Prospective Cohort in Spain

Preference for ultra-processed foods may heighten an individual's odds of suffering from premature deaths.

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Association between dietary fiber and lower risk of all-cause mortality: a meta-analysis of cohort studies.

Fondness for fiber-rich foods may decrease an individual's risk of suffering from premature death.

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Association Between Utraprocessed Food Consumption and Risk of Mortality Among Middle-aged Adults in France.

Consistent consumption of ultra-processed foods may up mortality risk in middle-aged men and women.

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