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Association between dietary fiber and lower risk of all-cause mortality: a meta-analysis of cohort studies.

Fondness for fiber-rich foods may decrease an individual's risk of suffering from premature death.

​This study determined the correlation between eating high-fiber foods regularly and the likelihood of suffering from premature death  by means of a meta-analysis. Researchers pooled data from 17 studies involving over 980,000 healthy individuals and more than 67,000 cases of deaths. 

Researchers noted that participants who consumed the highest amounts of fiber-containing foods had 16% lower risk of dying prematurely compared to their colleagues who ate the least amounts of these plant foods. In addition, the consumption of an extra 10 grams of fiber per day was found to cut down the risk of any cause of death by 10% in this study. "These findings suggest that fiber intake may offer a potential public health benefit in reducing all-cause mortality," the study concluded.

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