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Dietary carotenoids and risk of gastric cancer: a case-control study in Uruguay

A significant drop in stomach cancer risk is found among individuals on high carotenoid diet.

This research work studied how the intake of carotenoids from food sources affects gastric (stomach) cancer risk. Researchers questioned 120 stomach cancer patients and 360 healthy persons about their dietary choices. 

Researchers discovered that avid consumers of foods packed with carotenoids, especially lycopene and alpha carotene, had better chances of staying free from gastric cancer than low and non-consumers of these plant foods. This study concludes that frequent dietary ingestion of carotenoids may exert a protective effect against stomach cancer.

Research Summary Information

  • 2000
  • E De Stefani, P Boffetta, P Brennan, H Deneo-Pellegrini, J C Carzoglio, A Ronco, M Mendilaharsu
  • Registro Nacional de Cáncer, Montevideo, Uruguay.
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