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Incidence of Teen Stroke on the Rise

Incidence of Teen Stroke on the Rise

Stroke is no longer considered a disease of old age. Strokes are now occurring in younger people as well. Dr. Joel Fuhrman says that, "These diseases come about due to the accumulated effects of years of poor diet and lifestyle habits. As the standard American diet has deteriorated, these damaging effects are amplified and have begun to start earlier in life. Today's young adults were raised in the era of processed and fast foods, and as a result they will face an even greater risk of chronic disease as they age than their parents are facing today."

Sedentary lifestyles and nutrient-deficient diets promote widespread obesity rates and risk factors associated with stroke and heart disease.  A recent survey revealed that one-third to one-half of today's teens had elevated blood sugar, LDL cholesterol, and/or blood pressure. A September 2013 report published in Neurology documented that "about 15% of ischemic strokes occur in young adults and adolescents. That 15% adds up to about 119,000 strokes per year in people under the age of 45."

"Today, children become addicted to junk food at a young age and begin to show cardiovascular risk factors as teenagers" Dr. Fuhrman emphasizes, "But we can start to reverse these trends by instilling healthy habits in our children from an early age."

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