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Dr. Michael Klaper Answers Common Questions

Dr. Michael Klaper Answers Common Questions

You will enjoy the below 26 minute video of Michael Klaper MD. Dr. Klaper speaks passionately about his past, and how his memories of growing up on a dairy farm influenced him towards transitioning to a more compassionate and health-supporting diet. A few of the topics Dr. Klaper covers are:

  • Cow's milk was designed as the perfect food for baby calves. The components in cow's milk including the hormones, fat, protein, sodium, etc., are designed to quickly turn a baby calf into a large cow in under one year.
  • Animal protein promotes osteoporosis. Bone loss is not due to calcium deficiency but rather a lack of physical exercise and poor dietary choices. Countries that consume the most dairy have the highest rate of fractures. 
  • B-12 is a nutrient that is produced mainly by bacteria found in the soil. Although plant foods may have traces of B-12, plant foods are not reliable sources. Vegans can easily obtain B-12 by taking a supplement.
  • Use salt very sparingly. Whole natural plant foods already contain a natural source of sodium. The typical American diet can easily contain 10,000 mg of sodium a day. Packaged foods and meals eaten at restaurants contain high amounts. There are many salt-free seasonings available; however, if you feel your meal needs a little extra flavor, add a few sprinkles to the surface of your food after you've placed it on your plate, not while it's cooking. (I recommend that my patients use a minimal amount of salt - added to the surface of their food. See my "Starch-Smartest" program for more details.)
  • Avoid refined grains such as white flours, pastas, and breads.
  • Women's health issues such as fibroid uterine tumors, hysterectomies, and heavy uterine bleeding are discussed as well as how a plant-based diet can prevent and alleviate these.

Dr. Klaper ends his interview by encouraging parents to teach their children the value of making wise food choices, and to be a good role model for them.

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