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Reverse Disease

  • Reversal Program
  • For High Risk
  • Lowest-fat Plant-based
  • Calories from Fat ~ 10%
  • Only Sweetener = Fruit
  • Avoid Adding Salt
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Recover Health

  • Recovery Program
  • For Medium Risk
  • Lower-fat Plant-based
  • Calories from Fat ~ 15%
  • Don't Eat Added Sugars
  • Minimal Salt
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Improve Health

  • Improvement Program
  • For Low Risk
  • Low-fat Plant-based
  • Calories from Fat ~ 20%
  • Avoid Added Sugars
  • Add Salt Last
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Gradual Start

  • Transition Program
  • For Introduction
  • More Whole Plant Food
  • Reduce Fat Calories
  • Lower Added Sugars
  • Lower Salt Intake
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