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Protect Your Children From Future Disability

Protect Your Children From Future Disability

Losing a child is every parent's worst fear. No one would argue that nurturing and protecting our children to the best of our ability should be one of our highest priorities. We make sure our children get enough sleep, do their homework, brush their teeth, limit their TV exposure, and enroll them in sports. Yet considering the healthfulness of our children's diets, our society has collectively and seriously failed in protecting them from future disability and chronic disease.

Our topic article, "Today's Children Not Expected to Outlive Their Parents" we've highlighted Dr. Joel Fuhrman's article, "The Standard American Diet is Shortening Our Children's Lives."  Dr. Fuhrman emphasizes, "The poor dietary habits of today's children is contributing to their obesity, chronic illness, and ill-health. It is also laying a foundation for poor academic performance, chronic disease later in life, violent behavior, and premature death."  Former Surgeon General Richard Carmona agrees with these beliefs and encourages parents to consider the consequences of their children's diets.   Protect your children against future disability and premature death by reading our topic article "Today's Children Not Expected to Outlive Their Parents."

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