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Health Concerns about Dairy Products

Health Concerns about Dairy Products

According to the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine, "Many Americans still consume substantial amounts of dairy products—and government policies still promote them—despite scientific evidence that questions their health benefits and indicates their potential health risks." A few of the risks associated with dairy consumption include an increased incidence of cancer, heart disease, acne, osteoporosis, gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, obesity and autoimmune diseases.  

Contrary to public opinion milk does not do a body good. In fact there are many downsides to the consumption of dairy products. Despite being told otherwise milk does not improve bone health but there are other simple lifestyle changes which can improve the health of your bones

There is also a significant amount of cholesterol and saturated fat provided by dairy products which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Dairy has been implicated as a risk factor for various cancers. We also need to consider why a great many people suffer from lactose intolerance.

The bottom line: Eating dairy is just plain bad news. The good new though is that ditching the dairy is one of the fastest ways to allow our bodies to start healing. 

I would like to recommend you read, and share, the following article entitled "Health Concerns about Dairy Products" by PCRM. 

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Have you found a link between dairy and chronic pain? I've suffered from foot pain, mainly my left foot around the inner ankle, for years. Orthodics and a regular yoga practice have helped a lot. I also cut dairy out of my diet about 4 weeks ago because I thought it may help me drop some weight. I splurged and ate some ice cream, and within a day or two my foot flared up again, big time. I'm wondering if my foot pain isn't an issue of overuse, as I've always thought it was, but about dairy and/or sugar causing inflammation.

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