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Don't be a Processed Person

Don't be a Processed Person

You will absolutely enjoy watching the short video clips from the eye-opening documentary Processed People (from Veg Source) featuring interviews from many of our nation's leading health and nutrition experts. There are a total of 14 clips, each between one-two minutes in length. Plant-based health advocates such as John Robbins, Jeff Novick, Doctors John McDougall, Caldwell Esselstyn Jr., Jay Gordon, Joel Fuhrman, Pam Popper, Milton Mills, and Jeffrey Masson discuss what we can do to prevent becoming "Processed People."

Processed People is a 40-minute snapshot of how our nation's "health care system" has become a profit-driven "sick care system." This system has become very successful in selling sickness by adopting a pill or surgical procedure mentality to solve every health care problem.

This documentary offers solutions to reducing our tremendous cost of health care. One way in which to do this would be to change the role of doctors from being a "hero" to "teacher." Unfortunately, teaching preventative medicine, is not profitable, since there are no financial incentives for teaching healthy lifestyle habits. Additionally, most patients prefer a quick and painless solution (pills and procedures) instead of implementing a plan that would involve changing their daily lifestyle habits.

Another way we could "stop the madness" is by eliminating the subsidization of products that promote disease and obesity such as oils, meat, dairy, and many ingredients contained in processed foods. Protein from animal sources is not required by our bodies, and has been shown to promote disease such as heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, cancer, and obesity. Results from patients who have successfully reversed these illnesses including multiple sclerosis and autoimmune conditions are included in this film. Resolving toxic hunger and food addictions are also mentioned. (See where the money goes: "How Food Subsidies Tax Our Health" by PCRM

A "Processed Person" is someone who has bought into the media's standards of how we should conduct our lives. We have all fallen at times into this "Processed Person" trap, following the ways of our culture and society instead of pursuing what is true and beneficial. Starting at birth, we use infant formula and processed baby food instead of breast milk and food prepared from home. We continue these standards throughout our entire lives.

The data is alarming; health care costs have increased 500%, we are the most obese nation in history, and the Centers for Disease Control predict that our current generation of children will not outlive their parents. However, we don't have to have the epidemics of sickness that we do today. Please take the time to watch the highlights from this important documentary (by clicking here) so that your family won't buy into the deceptive practices that create "Processed People." (Each video clip will automatically load after viewing the first one.)

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