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Allergies-Asthma Improve Over Time

Allergies-Asthma Improve Over Time

How many boxes of Kleenex do you go through during periods of high pollen counts? You will be encouraged by reading our new Topic Article "Diet May Reduce Severity of Seasonal Allergies>."  According to the plant-based nutritional experts, asthma and allergies have been linked to several nutritional factors.

Although there isn't much literature published on this topic, these experts have seen most of their patients make dramatic recoveries and improvements after transitioning to a whole-food, plant-based diet.  The results improve over time as the immune system becomes stronger.  Click here to see our article

Additional Information:

(1) Are Allergies Linked to Nutritional Factors?

(2) Childhood Diet Linked to Asthma

(3) Diet May Reduce Severity of Seasonal Allergies

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