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Beat Back Oral Cancer With Fruits and Vegetables

Eat Fruits and Vegetables to Reduce Oral Cancer Risk Eat Fruits and Vegetables to Reduce Oral Cancer Risk

Every hour of every day, someone dies from oral cancer in the United States. Oral cancer is the 6th most commonly diagnosed malignancy in the US and results in about 8,000 deaths annually. Consuming more fruits and vegetables could be one secret towards avoiding this deadly cancer.

According to a study that investigated the association between fruit and vegetable intake and the risk of developing oral cancer, daily consumption of generous portions of fruits and vegetables can help protect individuals against oral cancer. In fact, the authors observed that eating 1 serving of fruits and vegetables everyday was found to slash oral cancer risk by as much as 50%. A similar trend was noticed in another study titled "Each Portion of Fruits and Vegetables Consumed Halved the Risk of Oral Cancer."

Experts believed that the wide array of antioxidants and phytochemicals found in fruits and vegetables may be responsible for their protective effects against oral cancer. Antioxidants function to defend the body against free radical-induced DNA damage that can trigger the formation and growth of cancerous cells and also inhibit the cancer-promoting actions of carcinogens. These cancer-fighting compounds play a significant role in the prevention of certain types of cancers, including oral cancer. Data from a study that assessed the role of antioxidants in the prevention of oral cancer show that antioxidants can help prevent the development of cancerous tumors in the oral cavity.

The incidence of oral cancer is increasing rapidly in the United States, despite falling rates of cigarette smoking. Approximately 30,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer every year. It may appear that anyone can get oral cancer, but it also appears that adopting healthy dietary and lifestyle habits can help minimize the risk of having this cancer. Additionally, avoidance of tobacco and alcohol as well as increased consumption of fruits and vegetables can greatly improve an individual's chances of evading this deadly cancer. You can make a difference by eating produce. Dipping or chewing tobacco are risk factors too. Oral cancer kills more than 8,000 Americans every year.  Please do what you can to avoid becoming one of them. 

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Cruciferous Vegetables Protect Against Cancer

Studies have shown that those who consume diets rich in vegetables significantly reduce their likelihood of being diagnosed with cancer. In addition to promoting cancer cell death, the unique properties in cruciferous vegetables protect our bodies from free radical damag. 

Each portion of fruit or vegetable consumed halves the risk of oral cancer. - Research Summary:

A study summary that evaluated the relationship between regular consumption of fruits and vegetables and the risk of developing oral (mouth) cancer. Researchers observed that a 50% reduction in oral cancer risk was associated with each portion of fruits and vegetables consumed per day.

Association between fruit and vegetable consumption and oral cancer: a meta-analysis of observational studies.

A study summary that evaluated the relationship between frequent ingestion of fruits and vegetables and the likelihood of developing oral (mouth) cancer by meta-analysis. Researchers discovered that the chances of developing oral cancer decreased by 50% with each portion of fruits and vegetables consumed per day.

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