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Sheila Lewis Chose Diet Instead of Bypass

Sheila Lewis Chose Diet Instead of Bypass

Shelia Lewis was diagnosed with cardiovascular disease at the age of 46. Tests revealed that she had congestive heart failure, along with hypertension, and an 85% blockage of one of her coronary arteries. Instead of choosing an invasive procedure such as bypass surgery, she made an appointment with Dr. Baxter Montgomery, a cardiologist in Houston, Texas.  Dr. Montgomery reverses heart disease using a whole-food, nutrient-dense, plant-based diet. After only 5 months on a plant-based diet, Sheila's repeat heart catheterization procedure showed that the blockage had completely disappeared.

Heart disease such as Sheila's, is a result of years of eating the typical American Diet, which is high in saturated animal fats, hydrogenated fats, heavily processed foods, salt, and sugars and low in fiber, antioxidants, micronutrients, & phytochemicals. Our bodies have an amazing ability to heal when we stop eating disease promoting foods, and supply our bodies with nutrient-rich, plant foods.  Results like Shelia's are common when using nutritional excellence to prevent and/or reverse disease.

Dr. Montgomery explains in his article, "As we spend more and more money on healthcare, yet continue to see a rise in heart disease, we must take a step back and evaluate our approach. Using more pills and more procedures is simply not working. To truly prevent and reverse heart disease, we must get to the root cause, which is in the foods we eat."

Make sure to watch the before and after images five minutes into the video! Seeing is believing. I am grateful for Dr. Baxter Montgomery and the excellents results he is demonstrating here in Texas. Call Dr. Baxter Montgomery if you are a patient living in the Houston area and need of a cardiologist.

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