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What are the health consequences for children who consume the Standard American Diet (SAD)?

It's been predicted that today's children will be the first generation whose life expectancy is shorter than that of their parents. This can be largely attributed to the diet we feed our children. Busy schedules and inaccurate nutritional information influence our meal selections. This has ushered us into an era of fast food consumption, resulting in a growing epidemic of sick and obese children, most of which is preventable with an excellent diet. In fact, obesity contributes to many serious illnesses such as all forms of adult cancer. Today, children suffer from diseases that used to be seen only in older adults, such as autoimmune, heart disease, and type-2 diabetes. Children who consume the SAD, have a higher incidence of hypertension, and elevated cholesterol with the beginning stages of atherosclerosis. Over time, diseases which began in childhood (unseen) will be observed in their adulthood. Therefore, providing an optimal diet for our children now can protect them from future disabilities and promote their longevity.

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