Guest Blogger Contribution. I used to believe that one's weight was a simple matter of calories in verses calories out and that calories are calories regardless of source. However, over the years of Type-1 diabetes testing, logging and analyzin...
  1.   January 3, 2017
  2.   Food Matters
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Guest Blogger Contribution. Relatively early in my Type-1 diabetes adventure I discovered that a low-fat plant based diet was key to full health. This discovery was due to a frantic effort in blood-sugar control for fear of all the debilitating ...
  1.   November 12, 2016
  2.   Emotional Health
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Guest Blogger Contribution. While the biological mechanisms of blood-sugar control are indeed complicated, the basics are quite simple: blood-sugar is an equilibrium between supply and consumption. Sugar, specifically glucose, is biology's prim...
  1.   October 17, 2016
  2.   Health Issues
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Guest Blogger Contribution. Do you consider yourself health conscious? Do you ever worry about getting enough nutrients? It seems common for the health conscious to seek out foods with the best and most nutrients. In the beginning of my Type-1 d...
  1.   September 16, 2016
  2.   Food Matters
  3.   Health Issues
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Guest Blogger Contribution. Callie is a very dear member of our family. She is a person who just happens to be a 14-year-old cat. She plays a very prominent role in the family. She supervises household work. She loves (demands) loving time whic...
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