Guest Blogger Contribution. In a football game, a receiver must be in sync with the passed ball to catch it. In baseball, the batter's bat must be in sync with the pitched ball. In your car, you want the brakes to be in sync with the brake peta...
Guest Blogger Contribution. Have you heard the one where the question is asked, "Do these clothes make me look fat?" And the reply is; "No... the fat makes you look fat." It is often promoted, by many doctors, nutritionists and other professiona...
  1.   February 22, 2017
  2.   Miscellaneous Issues
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Guest Blogger Contribution. This post is Part 2 of Callie's Cancer blog that was posted on Monday, 22 August 2016. Please see it here. As a recap; our beloved 14-year-old feline friend and companion, Callie, began a health decline several year...
Guest Blogger Contribution. For much of human's history of biological knowledge, the appendix has been considered an organ without a purpose. If you Google, "Appendix Function", the first explanation is, "The function of the appendix is unknown...
  1.   January 13, 2017
  2.   Science Inspired
  3. 8 Comments
Guest Blogger Contribution. Andrew Taylor has done an amazing thing. Through research and taking matters into his own hands, he found a win, win ... win way to break food addiction. And, he has even created the Spud Fit website to share his mult...
  1.   January 5, 2017
  2.   Food Matters
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