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  about 3 years ago
Hi Julia and thank you for your interest in our community! Yes, legumes are a staple control food that I have every day. All types of beans / legumes are used except for high fat ones such as soy beans. The key is low-fat; keeping the fat per total calories ratio [u]below[/u] 10%. Calories is the common denominator- never grams! Thanks again for joining us!
  about 4 years ago
Vikki, Thanks for the kind words!
  about 4 years ago
Thanks Denise, Intact grains. I avoid anything processed, including flours. The less processing the better the control. I think that just makes sense that natural (unprocessed) foods would be a better match to our natural biology.
  about 4 years ago
Something I would like to clarify about potatoes; I do not eat them because I can get away with it without too much issue with my diabetes. I eat them because they are an instrument of my diabetic control. In 1989, upon the terrifying onset and prognosis of my type-1 diabetes, and discovering that foods effect are paramount, I made a vow to never again eat anything for recreational purposes. Never to eat anything just because it was tasty or enjoyable. From that point on, everything I eat is entirely for the purpose of blood-sugar control. That remains true today. It sounds depriving, but it is not. As it turns out I greatly enjoy all the foods that are used for blood-sugar control including potatoes, grains, fruits, and vegetables. Enjoyment is a side-effect. But it is a really good side-effect!
  about 4 years ago
Hi Denise, My method is different from Robby and Cyrus's method. From their website I gather that as with traditional methods, they count carbs and works to find the diabetic's insulin to carb ratio. I do neither. The similarity is the low-fat plant-based diet.
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