Guest Blogger Contribution. On Sunday, June 17, 2018 I gave a talk at the ATX Alive potluck meeting titled, "My Type-1 Diabetes Confession". The talk was to tell my story about how I discovered the Whole Foods Plant-Based Low-Fat Oil-Free diet. I...
  1.   June 20, 2018
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Guest Blogger Contribution. I, Ken Thomas, hereby presents the Century Challenge to one and all. What is the Century Challenge?The Century Challenge is adopting the effort in pursuit of the goal of arriving at your 100th birthday with indepe...
Guest Blogger Contribution. Sometimes In life, the most epiphany level revelations are simply a matter of connecting the dots of knowledge you already have. This blog is to share the education learned from our experience with Callie's C...
  1.   February 27, 2018
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Guest Blogger Contribution. Type-1 Diabetes can be a debilitating disease - OR, it can be used as a tool for elevating health and vitality. In my experimental studies of Type-1 diabetes, striving to survive it, I eventually discove...
  1.   August 2, 2017
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Guest Blogger Contribution. Obviously, a blog about a house cat is hardly appropriate for a site dedicated to human health, but I feel that Callie's story is indeed significant to the human side of cancer.This post is Part 3 o...
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