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Why Dieting Doesn't Work but Eating Healthy Does

Why Dieting Doesn't Work but Eating Healthy Does

Dieting - it doesn't seem to work, does it?  Cutting back on portion size, counting calories, and using will power can only last so long before we're back to our old eating habits.

By the looks of all the diet books available today, it would seem like we would all be a trim and healthy weight. Sadly, the obesity epidemic continues to climb at alarming rates, along with obesity related diseases. Dr. Fuhrman estimates that over eighty percent of Americans are overweight and obesity rates among children and teens has doubled and tripled since the late 1970's. What can we do to combat this serious health threat?

Dr. Joel Fuhrman explains that we experience food cravings and the urge to overeat when our diets are deficient in micronutrients. Inside our gastrointestinal tracts, there are nerves and receptors which measure the nutrient content of our diets. When our nutrient needs are not being met, these receptors signal our brains to eat more, in an attempt to resolve this deficiency. As a result, too many nutrient-deficient, calorie-dense macronutrients are consumed. Before long, we have become food addicts, experiencing shaking, weakness and discomfort when we try to cut back on these addictive foods. By replacing low-nutrient, addictive foods with foods rich in micronutrients, the nerves lining the digestive tract signals the brain, telling us we are full. Understanding these concepts and consuming sufficient amounts of nutrient-rich foods is critical in overcoming these addictive cycles.

Dr. Fuhrman also addresses what he calls "toxic hunger" withdrawal symptoms, and how eating a nutrient-dense diet eliminates these symptoms.

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