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Losing Weight Without Losing Your Mind

Losing Weight Without Losing Your Mind

Why do highly processed foods give us so much pleasure, while at the same time being so harmful? Dr. Doug Lisle says that the "answer is related to a system called the motivational triad."

"This is a trio of biological mechanisms that nature has designed into every creature on planet earth so that they can survive in order to pass their genes onto the next generation." Dr. Lisle explains the three components of the motivational triad, which are "pleasure seeking, pain avoidance, and energy conservation." He goes on to say that these three components "sums up all animal behavior."

Richer foods excite our senses, because they give us the greatest sense of reward with the least amount of effort. Because of this, our ancestors were able to locate the most calorie rich foods available, which contributed to our survival. But today, food manufacturers can artificially increase the calorie density in our food supply far beyond what our ancestors were able to locate in nature. These foods give us a super concentrated level of heightened pleasure, seducing us into what Doug Lisle calls, "The Pleasure Trap." The Pleasure Trap is, "an interaction between our natural instincts which are trying to tell us the right thing to do and some kind of artificial modern stimulation that is hijacking that process. So the classic example of the pleasure trap would be drugs and drug addiction."

Drug addiction causes euphoria and an increased sense of neurological excitement. This same process takes place when we eat super concentrated, processed foods. Food manufacturers have removed the fiber, water, and nutrients from whole, natural foods, doing everything they can to concentrate the sugar and fat content. When salt is added, our food supply then becomes a low-grade "drug" addiction.

If you have struggled with losing weight in the past and would like to break free from the addictive nature of processed foods, please watch Doug Lisle's one hour presentation. Dr. Lisle explains the "Pleasure Trap" process that takes place and how you can remove the offending foods that prevent you from achieving your permanent weight loss goals. Avoid the mistakes of dieting. Counting calories, reducing portion size, and exercising self-disciple results in failure and frustration along with "losing your mind."

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