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The Pleasure Trap of Whole Natural Foods

The Pleasure Trap of Whole Natural Foods

Grocery store aisles are filled with products labeled as "all natural," "heart healthy" and "organic." It's easy to be attracted to these products, since they claim to be so healthy. Since it's organic, all natural, and good for our hearts, we would be crazy not to purchase it, right However, when we take a closer look, many of these products that claim to support a healthy lifestyle, can actually promote illness.

Many items labeled organic or natural can include candy and heavily processed sugary breakfast cereals. You'll find the following article by Jeff Novick very helpful. He explains terms such as "natural," "unprocessed," and "vegan" and why it's important to know how to interpret these terms before going to the grocery store. Jeff also discusses "sugar density" in dried fruit, and guidelines on salt, fat, and avoiding what Dr. Doug Lisle calls "The Pleasure Trap." 

Read the article A Date With Disaster: The Pleasure Trap of Whole Natural Foods by Jeff Novick. 

Watch a preview of Jeff Novick's Should I Eat That? Presentation below:

For more information on label reading and how it aids in weight loss, see below:

(1) What is Calorie Density and why is it important?

(2) Jeff Novick's DVD, "Should I Eat That"  

(3) Jeff Novick's DVD, "Calorie Density"

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