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Ode to Chocolate

Ode to Chocolate

Guest Blogger Contribution.

Ah chocolate, oh dark mystery of delight; on my tongue, the pleasure, on my hips, the blight.

From far away in hot, tropical climes; thou art gathered by slaves, but I can pretend “Not mine!”

Thy narcotics lull my senses into blissful transport; away from my problems, an escapist passport!

Bitter as gall thy native flavour repels, but when sweetened by sugar, thy taste rings all bells.

If food were but flavour, if it stopped with the mouth, you would win all the prizes, from north to the south.

Alas, it doth linger long past that first step. It enters the body and wrecks havoc-Dieppe.

Artery-clogging, cholesterol-raising, insulin-blocking: what else can go wrong?

Dental cavities, acne pimpling, stomach burning: what is this sad song?!

Dog poisoning, allergy causing, addiction triggering: mercy I cry, mercy!

Lead toxicity, kidney stonery, palpitation rapidity: a serious controversy.

And so we consider, as we look at fair chocolate; does this actually help when I am feeling so desolate?

Not long I fear, truthfully, the benefit wavers. The blissfulness fades and the cost grows e’r graver.

Perhaps I will leave this false vale of enticement, and find a new path to delight more triumphant.

Carob powder is dusky, spreads richly & smooth; mayhap this can help fill the void & to soothe.

Carob bean is a legume, full of protein, low fat! It’s mildly sweet, sugar-free takes the hat!

Antioxidant-loaded, fibre richness abounds. It contains no narcotics, its mildness renowned.

Carob moderates glucose, so it’s diabetic-friendly. It’s heart healthy too, so switch over, when ready.

And so ends this ode to the Ravages Chocolate. Long live Kindly Carob, let’s thrive, let’s get at it!

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