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Dairy & Sexual Precocity

Dairy & Sexual Precocity

Even though soy milk does not have feminizing effects on men, many men are afraid to consume soy products due to its "phytoestrogen" content.  Phytoestrogens are compounds which are similar to the female hormone estrogen. Men should be aware that cow's milk, actually does contain high levels of estrogen hormones.

These hormones are high due to the cow being milked during her pregnancy. The estrogen levels in men rise significantly one hour after consuming milk, & their testosterone levels drop significantly. When children consume milk, their hormone levels triple. These hormones are known carcinogens, which greatly increases the risk of hormone dependent cancers such as breast & prostate cancer.

But, most alarming is the implications regarding how these hormones effect developing children. Watch the video below and consider the risks. 

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