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Crunching the Science on Juicing

Crunching the Science on Juicing
Juicing fruits and vegetables was once considered the healthiest of the health trends. Many of us have invested in a juicer, and if we haven't, we probably know friends, family members, or coworkers who have. Those "into" juicing talk about all the fresh vitamins, antioxidants, and enzymes swirling in a richly colored glass of freshly...
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What about "blending"? Nothing is wasted like in the pulp removal of a juicer. There's no firing or blanching or bleaching going... Read More
Tuesday, March 21 2017 13:20
Linda Carney MD
Thank you Randy Clark for your comment. You are correct that blending is different from juicing in that the fiber is not removed. ... Read More
Tuesday, March 21 2017 15:15
Ken Thomas
I think the point is to minimize processing before it passes one's lips. Personally, I much prefer eating my food as opposed to dr... Read More
Tuesday, March 21 2017 15:33
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Food Processing Made Simple

Food Processing Made Simple
Some of the "Healthiest" foods that are being recommended to us are often 'Very Highly Processed' according to our understanding regarding how food is processed. This even happens in the world of "Raw Foods" where the definition of "Raw" is sometimes in conflict with our definitions of "Processed". Before anybody runs off thinking we do...
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