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Blending Up the Smoothie Controversy

Blending Up the Smoothie Controversy
Stick it in the blender and give it a whirl — everything will come out mixed up. That's what seems to be happening to the advice on blending our produce. Suddenly, there's a vortex of controversy swirling around smoothies. Some health advocates recommend smoothies, others are saying, "Maybe we should rethink our drink." Increasing our...
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Would the benefits outweigh your cited drawbacks in the case of elderly (or not elderly) persons, in institutions or not, who may ... Read More
Monday, May 16 2016 21:15
Linda Carney MD
We appreciate your bringing to our attention that the dates were not displaying in our articles. We have fixed that now. I am sad ... Read More
Tuesday, May 17 2016 18:23
Interesting article, Linda. Definitely makes some good points. I would say that there needs to be balance in life in everything - ... Read More
Thursday, May 19 2016 02:39
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Food Processing Made Simple

Food Processing Made Simple
Some of the "Healthiest" foods that are being recommended to us are often 'Very Highly Processed' according to our understanding regarding how food is processed. This even happens in the world of "Raw Foods" where the definition of "Raw" is sometimes in conflict with our definitions of "Processed". Before anybody runs off thinking we do...
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