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Is Your Child's Diet Healthy?

Is Your Child's Diet Healthy?

Parents make many choices throughout the day concerning the health and safety of their children. Adequate sleep, proper dental hygiene, and getting enough fresh air and exercise are just a few of the many good habits we instill in our children. When it comes to dietary choices, how are parents doing?

What percentage do you think of children are actually eating a health-supporting diet? Dr. Michael Greger's one-minute video reports the sobering findings. The majority of parents believe they are providing healthy meals for their children, when the reality is that almost no one is. These results are based on USDA eating guidelines. When compared to a plant-based diet, the USDA's recommendations would be considered a nutrient-deficient diet.

We have the incredible opportunity to protect our children from many childhood and adult diseases. Influencing our children's dietary choices begins by modeling healthy habits ourselves. Show your children how important it is to eat well by filling your plates with whole, nutritious plant foods!

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