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A Child Needs a Healthy Diet to Build a Healthy Brain

A Child Needs a Healthy Diet to Build a Healthy Brain

The Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health published a recent study that followed the diets of nearly 4,000 children from birth to over eight years of age. The study found that "Toddlers who ate a nutrient-rich diet full of fruits and vegetables had higher IQ scores when they reached 8 years of age compared to the toddlers who consumed processed foods full of fat and sugar. The foods that the toddlers ate had a dramatic long term effect on their brain function."

Our brains grow the fastest during the first few years of life, but they continue to grow even during the adolescent years. With this in mind, parents can help encourage adequate brain development by feeding their children a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Breastfeeding our children is also recommended past their first year of life. This has also shown to promote higher IQ scores than those that were fed infant formula.

Read the article "A Child Needs a Healthy Diet to Build a Healthy Brain" by Joel Fuhrman MD here.

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