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Whole Grains for People with Celiac Disease and Pre-Diabetes
I have just begun trying to follow your startch smart suggestions, but am needing some suggestions for gluten free whole grains acceptable for those who are celiac and also pre-diabetic.  Thanks so much for all your help!!...
  1.   Started on March 29, 2017
Weight loss
I need to know how WFPB people gain weight quickly, Ive been sick after spinal cord surgery with anxiety and improper bowel function. It’s hard to eat very much due to anxiety so what do I do? I have to take a little Miralax every day, but I know what the steps are for food for t...
  1.   Started on July 23, 2018
Good fats?
Twice today, I've had people argue with me about "necessary" oils and the "good fats". I'm at a loss how to respond to them, they both have health issues, but are obviously listening to the wrong doctors. Any suggestions?  ...
  1.   Started on August 12, 2017
Oils in body products
Hello, I was reading Ken Thomas's diabetes discussion and was very surprised to hear that the oils in body lotions can actually affect your blood sugar levels! Makes me wonder about body wash and lipsticks or lip balms? What does everyone think about these items? ...
  1.   Started on July 25, 2017
Getting off acid-blockers
Thank you for the enlightening information about bone loss! After I posted my original question I neglected to mention that I was diagnosed with celiac disease and Barrett's Esophagus back in 2004, and my GI doctor put me on the PPI Nexium. I've been taking it ever since, except ...
  1.   Started on March 25, 2017
Bone Loss
I've been vegan for about 7 years. My bone density tests this month showed my osteopenia to be worsening. I know the Dr will suggest medication but I don't feel comfortable taking that stuff. Do calcium supplements help? I've been taking bone rejuvenation herbs and a plant based ...
  1.   Started on March 23, 2017
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